Hair Care

Natural Hair Styling

Embrace nature’s finest. Celebrate every curl, coil, or wave that adorns your crown. Dive deep into a journey where you unveil your hair’s authentic beauty and strength.

Basic Flat Iron Service
Starting at $65

Luxury Flat Iron Service
Starting at $95

Two Strand Twist
or Flat Twist
Starting at $78

Silk Press Thermal & Frizz Control Treatment
Starting at $275

Keratin Smoothing System
Starting at $325

Rod / Flexi Set
Starting at $78

Bantu Knots
Starting at $78

Personalized Consultation ($30 Minutes)
Starting at $50

Basic Hair Styling

Foundational elegance at its best. Whether you’re preparing for an everyday outing or a special event, our basic styling caters to your unique needs. Crafted styles that exude simplicity yet make a statement.

Blow Dry and Style
Starting at $60

Finger Wave Set
Starting at $65

Pony Tail
Starting at $80

Relaxer & Permanent Wave

Transform texture with seamless finesse. Our relaxer and permanent wave services offer a smooth transition, ensuring every strand is treated with care. Hair’s journey from its natural state to absolute perfection.

Virgin Relaxer
Starting at $108

Relaxer Retouch
Starting at $84

Wave Nouveau
Starting at $108

Wave by Design
Starting at $84

Color Services

Color that truly captures essence. Delve into a world where subtle shades meet bold statements, each hue reflecting a part of you. Whether you’re looking for a whisper of color or a shout, our services are tailored to ensure brilliance and longevity.

Semi / Demi Permanent
Starting at $60

Starting at $70

Highlights & Lowlights
Starting at $90

Custom Color Placement
Starting at $200

(Consultation Required for Custom Color Placement)

Conditioning Treatments

The foundation of vibrant, healthy hair lies in its nourishment. Our specialized conditioning treatments are designed to rejuvenate every strand, restoring strength and luster. Dive into a transformative experience that not only enhances your hair’s natural beauty but also ensures its well-being.

Realignment Treatment
Starting at $30

Hydration Treatment
Starting at $30

Hair Repair Treatment
Starting at $125 (3)

Elevate Your Style at Journey Hair Salon

Journey Hair Salon in Philadelphia is your destination for iconic styles. Our seasoned experts use top-tier products to assure you leave with confidence. Step in, and let us help you shine.

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